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We are a full service electrical contractor offering innovative products and high quality services. We always comply with current codes and standards delivering reliability, safety, and peace of mind to every renovation and construction project.

Our extensive portfolio includes commercial, institutional, multi-family development projects, and custom built mansions. We are a preferred installer for warehouse equipment and machines.

We implemented high tech contemporary systems in Windsor and won numerous contracts from residential, industrial, and municipal organizations in Ontario. We have a vast experience in the expansion, addition, upgrade, and new wiring sectors for a wide range of property and system types. Homeowners and developers contract us again and again. Building managers listen to their friends, neighbors, and associates who had used us before.

Project after project we receive great reviews from warehouse production managers. Manufacturers hire us because they trust us.

Making every past customer happy resulted in people talking about us on the social networks. Word-of-mouth has become the most valuable and profitable form of business development.

We know that construction and renovation is the hardest, most expensive, and frustrating phase of the business cycle. We help our customers to leave it behind as fast as possible. Shorter construction times give numerous advantages and lower costs to both parties. And that is another reason why industrial shop owners turn to us for the installation of the power distribution infrastructure.

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Our experience, speed, price, and the overall result will exceed your expectations!