Control panel production in Windsor, Ontario

Custom control panel design, produce, install, and hook-up in Canada and USA

Speed-up CSA certification for made in USA machines and control panels

Fabrication, installation, and integration for electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical systems:


RTU scada
EDI controller
Process controls
electric motor drive
Industrial automation
New and rebuilt panels
Special purpose controls
Process control instruments

This commercial electrical contractor in Windsor, Ontario installs control panels for:

Paper mills

Printing plant
Power station
Assembly lines
Packaging plants
Waste-water plant
VFD and D.C. drive
Die casting machine
Power synchronizing
Building management
Warehouse conveyors
Sewage treatment plant
Commercial air purification

Control panel maker in Windsor, Ontario 226 783 4016

We quickly fill out all necessary forms for USA exporters to Canada & get CSA approval fast
Custom built control panel production in Windsor, 0.4 mile South of Detroit, MI
Fast custom panel maker for US based American equipment suppliers
With chemical resistant and corrosion proof high quality casing
Watertight, airtight, dust-proof, tough & sturdy enclosure

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