Small repair and troubleshooting

Quick service call electrical contractor in Windsor, Ontario

We do:

Installation and hookups
LED re-lamping and retrofit
Loss of power troubleshooting
Equipment line rewiring & repair
Install and tune-up production line
Test equipment, locate circuit fault
Windsor Ontario small factory repair
Inspect industrial machine malfunction
Take care of loose and dirty connections
Inspect for errors & improper workmanship
Replace bad building machinery components
Protective relays, circuit breakers & trip devices
Ensure electrical component compatibility & safety
Eliminate load imbalances in large commercial panels
Keep electrical system tested, inspected, defect free, safe


minor glitch
small problem
tiny malfunction
nuisance tripping
little water damage
equipment stoppage
occasional power fault
random machine failure

Urgent short elimination in receptacle or light fixture
Wiring to server, printer, workstation, other office gadgets

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