Panel install or upgrade

Add new stack pipe or replace existing service conduit

Panel is a heart pumping life into homes, buildings and businesses, making them warm, bright, comfortable, and functional.

Panel Electrician in Windsor Ontario. 226 783 4016

Main breaker gets the power via service conduit and then sends energy to branch circuits to produce useful, tasty, beautiful, cozy, and smart things. Together with the human ingenuity and hard work electrical panels improve our lives. We live better, longer, healthier, happier.

Our customers are the creators. We just ensure the systems work flawlessly so that they are able to make all these amazing achievements happen.

Windsor, Ontario building and property owners hire us to take good care of their buildings' service and power distribution systems.

We have five locations in LaSalle, Amherstburg, Lakeshore, Tecumseh, and Essex.

Our highly experienced licensed commercial electricians install new breaker boxes and pass ESA inspections. Maintenance goes much deeper than just tightening screws at points of termination. The list includes checking for, troubleshooting, and repair of:

Licensed electrician install new panel pass ESA inspection Windsor Ontario 226 783 4016

  • damage in Essex
  • error in Tecumseh
  • any code violations
  • hazards and dangers
  • discoloration in LaSalle
  • loose or bad connection
  • frequent tripping problems
  • total overall load calculation
  • missing or confusing labeling
  • double tapping in Amherstburg
  • hissing, crackling, buzzing noise
  • right termination of 110/220V lines
  • rust and corrosion in Essex County
  • proper ampacity in Lakeshore, Ontario
  • breaker & conductor matching each other
  • correct type of devices controlling every load
  • openings, holes, missing knockout plugs & fillers
  • run new service conduit, 200 Amp mast, or stack pipe
  • appropriate configuration of each 110/208V two pole circuit
  • etc.

Panel electrician in Windsor Ontario. 226 783 4016

This electrical contractor adds sub and pony-panels in homes, buildings, restaurants, offices, shops, and factories. Installs indoor or outdoor load centers of bigger sizes, both in a number of circuits and current ratings, from 100 Amp to 800 Amp. We wire, hook-up, replace, relocate, and upgrade building and industrial equipment. And perform system grounding in Windsor-Essex.


Main panels always have main breaker. It is a larger double pole or three phase device. It identifies the panel’s size in Amps and is often situated separately from the branch circuit breakers. While controlling the amount of energy coming in from the grid, transformer, or generator, it also protects itself and the entire unit, shop, warehouse, building, or property from overloads and shorts.

There are two rows of automatic branch circuit switches, each limiting the amount of current flowing through to the individual wire, line, conductor, or cable.

Hot and neutral bus bars distribute and deliver current to every point or wire inside. Grounding busbar is a safety item, bonding the system to zero potential, protecting people from shocks and electrocution.

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